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“God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die.”
— Bill Watterson




Currently I am a freelance graphic designer, UI designer, art director and web developer seeking work that bridges any or all of these disciplines.

Previously I was the Senior Designer for One Reel, producers of Bumbershoot, City of Music Career Day, and (formerly) the Family 4th at Lake Union.

You may peruse my résumé or better yet, enjoy my most recent and best work in my ever-evolving folio, where, if it’s not there at the time you read this, I soon hope to add details behind my thought and work processes. In the meantime, I’d be glad to discuss it with you in person.

Email me (at) or contact @shaunline if you’re interested in working with me.



Encore Media Group (2015–present)

As Graphic Designer I…

  • Art directed and designed Encore self-promotional materials
  • Designed brand collateral for City Arts events, including posters, signage, digital and print advertising
  • Produced event programs for Seattle Theatre Group, Village Theatre and The 5th Avenue Theatre

As Digital Lead I…

  • Managed lists, templates and integrations for email marketing with MailChimp
  • Developed new Encore website to accompany refreshed self-promotional materials
  • Devised strategies and implemented systems for social media scheduling, analytics tracking
  • Managed developmental updates and CMS troubleshooting for all company websites
One Reel (2005–2014)

As Senior Designer (2012–2014) and Design Manager (2010–11), I…

  • Managed Junior Designer, Design Intern and the Bumbershoot “Campaign” Designer
  • Art directed branding for all events including merchandise, advertising, collateral and signage
  • Single-handedly designed, developed and maintained all event websites to run on custom WordPress template architecture
  • Modernized information collection with web-based tools for programming & sponsorship teams
  • Played a key role in Bumbershoot rebrand sessions
  • Collaborated with Signage Coordinator on comprehensive redesign of onsite wayfinding and informational signage for Bumbershoot
  • Led internal efforts for company rebrand
  • Built custom email templates in MailChimp
  • Created template system for self-sufficiency of sponsorship team for their materials
  • Led strategies and wrote content for social media

As Graphic & Web Designer (2006–09), I…

  • Designed all collateral materials for events including posters; an 80-page Bumbershoot program, sales materials for the sponsorship team; print, web & outdoor advertising; and more
  • Designed and developed all event websites under the guidance of the Marketing Director and Information Services Director

As Web Development Intern (2005), I…

  • Developed websites for and brought web standards to Bumbershoot, Family 4th and Teatro ZinZanni under the guidance of the Information Services Director
Hornall Anderson (2005)

As Freelance Production Artist, I…

  • produced program for the Seattle Show, including file prep for printing, image selection and editing
Prentice Design (2003–04)

As Production Artist, I…

  • Produced programs, catalogs and other collateral materials for Microsoft, TheraTek and more
Freelance (2005–present)

As a freelance print and web designer, I…

  • Designed collateral materials, print & digital ads, website graphics and more for the California Symphony Orchestra
  • Produced digital ads for Cirque du Soleil - Kurios and Amazon Publishing
  • Designed CD and vinyl packaging for the band Smokey Brights
  • Developed logos, brand materials and websites for Essential Arts, Front Porch Pops, Luna Park Productions and Urban Bee Company
  • Designed and coded custom WordPress templates for Northwest Folklife Festival and Seattle Pride
  • Created email marketing templates and custom Tumblr blog design for Showbox Presents
  • Built database-driven web features for Argus Pacific, Bainbridge Island Studio Tour and The Presidents of the United States of America
  • Designed show posters and collateral materials for Magnolia Theatre School of Drama, Shorecrest Drama Department and local band Side Saddle
  • Produced print collateral materials and email marketing content for The Recording Academy - Pacific Northwest Chapter

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