All the TV I Watched in 2017

As I did last year, in 2017 I tracked all the (scripted) TV I watched. Unlike last year, I took it a step further. Hoping to provide the kind of detail I get documenting my book reading, or logging the movies I watch, this year I noted which episodes I consumed.

As with last year, my lack of tracking for non-scripted television means none of my almost-nightly viewings of Colbert are counted, nor is my weekday ritual of Pardon the Interruption, or any other sports for that matter, either.

But everything else was counted, every day, for all 365 days of the year. Since I’m me, I’ve also tallied some numbers of a year of watching; you will find those at the end of this long list.


1/1 Mary Tyler Moore S5E7–8, S5E10–11, Better Things S1E1–2, Brooklyn 9-9 S4E11
1/2 Jane the Virgin S3E5
1/3 Mary Tyler Moore S5E12, New Girl S6E11
1/4 Billy on the Street S5E7, Better Things S1E3
1/5 The Good Place S1E10
1/7 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S2E8–9
1/8 Golden Globe Awards, Bob’s Burgers S7E8, Jane the Virgin S3E6
1/9 Jane the Virgin S3E7
1/10 Fargo S1E1
1/11 New Girl S6E12, Agents of Shield S4E9
1/13 A Series of Unfortunate Events S1E1
1/14 A Series of Unfortunate Events S1E2
1/15 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S2E10, The Good Place S1E11, A Series of Unfortunate Events S1E3–4
1/16 A Series of Unfortunate Events S1E5–6
1/17 Billy on the Street S5E8
1/18 New Girl S6E13, Agents of Shield S4E10
1/19 A Series of Unfortunate Events S1E7, The Good Place S1E12–13
1/20 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S2E11, Baskets S1E1
1/21 Baskets S1E2
1/22 Baskets S1E3–4, Simpsons S26E6, Bob’s Burgers S7E2
1/23 Baskets S1E5–6
1/24 Baskets S1E7–8, Billy on the Street S5E9–10
1/25 Mary Tyler Moore S4E18–19
1/26 New Girl S6E14, Baskets S1E9–10, Mary Tyler Moore: Love Is All Around
1/28 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S2E12
1/29 Agents of Shield S4E11
1/30 Jane the Virgin S3E8, Baskets S2E1–2
1/31 Fargo S1E2


2/1 Agents of Shield S4E12
2/3 Jane the Virgin S3E9, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S2E13
2/4 Mary Tyler Moore S4E20–22, Baskets S2E3
2/5 Mary Tyler Moore S4E23–24
2/6 Mary Tyler Moore S5E13
2/7 Jane the Virgin S3E10
2/8 New Girl S6E15, Legion S1E1
2/10 Agents of Shield S4E13
2/13 Fargo S1E3
2/14 Jane the Virgin S3E11, New Girl S6E16
2/16 Baskets S2E4
2/20 Agents of Shield S4E14
2/21 Crashing S1E1, Fargo S1E4, Agents of Shield S4E15
2/22 New Girl S6E17, Bob’s Burgers S7E9–10
2/25 Jane the Virgin S3E12, Baskets S2E5–6
2/26 The Oscars, Mary Tyler Moore S5E14
2/27 Mary Tyler Moore S5E15–16, Crashing S1E2
2/28 New Girl S6E18, Mary Tyler Moore S5E17


3/1 Billy on the Street S4E34
3/4 Jane the Virgin S3E13, Baskets S2E7
3/5 Mary Tyler Moore S5E18, Last Man on Earth S3E10
3/6 Bob’s Burgers S7E11, Crashing S1E3
3/7 Mary Tyler Moore S5E19, Americans S5E1
3/8 Fargo S1E5–6
3/9 Fargo S1E7–8
3/11 Fargo S1E9–10
3/12 Bob’s Burgers S7E12, Last Man on Earth S3E11, Crashing S1E4
3/14 New Girl S6E19, Baskets S2E8
3/15 Mary Tyler Moore S5E9
3/16 Americans S5E2, Samurai Jack S5E1
3/19 Samurai Jack S5E2, Last Man on Earth S3E12, Bob’s Burgers S7E13, Baskets S2E9
3/20 Mary Tyler Moore S5E20, Crashing S1E5
3/21 Jane the Virgin S3E14, Dave Chappelle: Age of Spin
3/22 New Girl S6E20
3/23 Americans S5E3, Baskets S2E10
3/25 Mary Tyler Moore S5E21, Dave Chappelle: Deep in the Heart of Texas
3/26 Love S2E1–3, Angie Tribeca S3E1, Samurai Jack S5E3
3/27 Bob’s Burgers S7E14–15, Last Man on Earth S3E13, Crashing S1E6
3/29 New Girl S6E21
3/31 Jane the Virgin S3E15, Legion S1E2–3


4/1 Love S2E4, Legion S1E4
4/2 Bob’s Burgers S7E16, Crashing S1E7, Love S2E5
4/3 Legion S1E5
4/4 New Girl S6E22, Last Man on Earth S3E14, Legion S1E6
4/5 Legion S1E7–8, Brooklyn 9-9 S4E12
4/6 Americans S5E4–5
4/7 Agents of Shield S4E16, Love S2E6–9, Review S1E1
4/8 Fargo S2E1, Samurai Jack S5E4
4/9 Fargo S2E2, Twin Peaks S1E1, Crashing S1E8
4/10 Fargo S2E3
4/11 Better Call Saul S3E1
4/12 Brooklyn 9-9 S4E13, Agents of Shield S4E17, Fargo S2E4
4/13 Americans S5E6, Fargo S2E5
4/14 Love S2E10–12
4/17 Samurai Jack S5E5, Better Call Saul S3E2
4/18 Leftovers S3E1, Veep S6E1
4/19 Brooklyn 9-9 S4E14, Angie Tribeca S3E2
4/20 Fargo S2E6
4/21 Agents of Shield S4E18, Fargo S2E7–8
4/22 Fargo S2E9–10
4/23 Americans S5E6–7, Leftovers S3E2, Silicon Valley S4E1
4/24 Bob’s Burgers S7E17–18, Samurai Jack S5E6
4/25 Better Call Saul S3E3, Brooklyn 9-9 S4E15
4/26 Agents of Shield S4E19
4/28 Jane the Virgin S3E16, Last Man on Earth S3E15, Angie Tribeca S3E3
4/29 The Handmaid’s Tale S1E1, Fargo S3E1
4/30 Samurai Jack S5E7, Leftovers S3E3, Silicon Valley S4E2


5/1 Last Man on Earth S3E16, Fargo S3E2, Mary Tyler Moore S5E22
5/2 Bob’s Burgers S7E19
5/3 Brooklyn 9-9 S4E16
5/4 Archer S8E1, Agents of Shield S4E20, Better Call Saul S3E4, Angie Tribeca S3E4
5/5 Archer S8E2
5/6 Jane the Virgin S3E17, Americans S5E8, Archer S8E3
5/7 Samurai Jack S5E8, Fargo S3E3, Leftovers S3E4, Silicon Valley S4E3, Last Man on Earth S3E17–18
5/8 Archer S8E4, Americans S5E9, Veep S6E2–4
5/9 Bob’s Burgers S7E20, Brooklyn 9-9 S4E17
5/10 Brooklyn 9-9 S4E18
5/11 Archer S8E5
5/12 Archer S8E6, Agents of Shield S4E21
5/13 Jane the Virgin S3E18, Better Call Saul S3E5, Angie Tribeca S3E5, Master of None S2E1–3
5/14 Master of None S2E4–5, Samurai Jack S5E9, Master of None S2E6
5/15 Silicon Valley S4E4, Leftovers S3E5, Master of None S2E7
5/16 Master of None S2E8–9
5/17 Brooklyn 9-9 S4E19–20, Master of None S2E10
5/18 Archer S8E7
5/19 Veep S6E5, Better Call Saul S3E6
5/20 Jane the Virgin S3E19, Agents of Shield S4E22, Angie Tribeca S3E6, Samurai Jack S5E10
5/21 Bob’s Burgers S7E21, Silicon Valley S4E5, Leftovers S3E6
5/23 Angie Tribeca S3E7, Brooklyn 9-9 S4E21–22
5/24 Better Call Saul S3E7
5/25 Great News S1E1–3
5/27 Jane the Virgin S3E20, Great News S1E4–5, Veep S6E6, Archer S8E8
5/28 Great News S1E6–8
5/29 Great News S1E9–10, Silicon Valley S4E6, Leftovers S3E7, Fargo S3E4
5/30 Fargo S3E5–6
5/31 Angie Tribeca S3E8, Carmichael Show S3E1


6/2 Fargo S3E7, Carmichael Show S3E2, Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive
6/3 Mary Tyler Moore S5E23, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S3E1
6/5 Leftovers S3E8
6/7 Better Call Saul S3E8
6/8 Carmichael Show S3E3
6/11 Silicon Valley S4E7–8, Veep S6E7–8
6/12 Bob’s Burgers S7E22
6/13 Better Call Saul S3E9, Angie Tribeca S3E9, Fargo S3E8
6/15 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S3E2
6/18 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S3E3
6/19 Carmichael Show S3E4, Fargo S3E9, Silicon Valley S4E9, Veep S6E9
6/20 Angie Tribeca S3E10, Better Call Saul S3E10
6/21 Fargo S3E10
6/23 Glow S1E1–2
6/24 Glow S1E3–5
6/25 Glow S1E6–8, Silicon Valley S4E10, Veep S6E10
6/26 Glow S1E9–10


7/1 Carmichael Show S3E5–6, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S3E4
7/6 Orphan Black S5E1
7/8 Carmichael Show S3E7
7/13 Carmichael Show S3E8
7/14 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S3E5
7/21 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S3E6–8
7/22 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S3E9, Documentary Now! S2E5
7/23 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S3E10–11, Carmichael Show S3E9
7/27 Carmichael Show S3E10
7/28 Mary Tyler Moore S6E10, Documentary Now! S2E1
7/29 Documentary Now! S2E2
7/30 Documentary Now! S2E3
7/31 Mary Tyler Moore S6E13


8/2 Carmichael Show S3E11
8/4 WHAS: Ten Years Later E1
8/5 WHAS: Ten Years Later E2–5, Documentary Now! S2E4
8/6 WHAS: Ten Years Later E6–8, Orphan Black S5E2
8/7 The Handmaid’s Tale S1E2
8/8 Rick & Morty S3E3
8/9 Carmichael Show S3E12
8/10 Carmichael Show S3E13
8/11 Orphan Black S5E3
8/13 Orphan Black S5E4, Rick & Morty S3E2
8/14 Rick & Morty S3E4, Orphan Black S3E5, Taxi S5E1
8/18 Orphan Black S5E6
8/20 Orphan Black S5E7
8/22 Rick & Morty S3E5
8/26 Orphan Black S5E8
8/27 The Deuce S1E1, Orphan Black S5E9–10
8/28 Rick & Morty S3E6
8/31 Documentary Now! S2E6–7


9/1 Rick & Morty S1E1
9/2 Rick & Morty S1E2–3
9/5 Rick & Morty S3E1, Rick & Morty S1E4–5
9/8 BoJack Horseman S4E1–5
9/9 BoJack Horseman S4E6
9/10 BoJack Horseman S4E7–12
9/11 Rick & Morty S3E7, S1E6
9/12 Rick & Morty S1E7, Better Things S1E4
9/15 Better Things S1E5–6, Rick & Morty S1E8–111
9/16 Better Things S1E7–10, Rick & Morty S2E1–2
9/17 Primetime Emmy Awards, The Deuce S1E2
9/18 Rick & Morty S3E8, Better Things S2E1
9/19 Big Little Lies S1E1, Rick & Morty S2E3
9/21 The Good Place S2E1, Rick & Morty S2E4–6
9/22 Rick & Morty S2E7–10
9/24 Better Things S2E2, Jerry Before Seinfeld, The Deuce S1E3
9/25 Rick & Morty S3E9
9/27 Brooklyn 9-9 S5E1
9/28 The Good Place S2E2, Great News S2E1
9/29 Nathan for You S4E1, Big Mouth S1E1–2, American Vandal S1E1
9/30 American Vandal S1E2, Big Mouth S1E3


10/1 Five Came Back Pt. 1, Curb Your Enthusiasm S9E1, The Deuce S1E4
10/2 Bob’s Burgers S8E1, Rick & Morty S3E10
10/3 Last Man on Earth S4E1, Big Mouth S1E4, American Vandal S1E3, Brooklyn 9-9 S5E2
10/5 The Good Place S2E3
10/7 American Vandal S1E4–6, Nathan for You S4E2
10/8 Great News S2E2, American Vandal S1E7–8, Curb Your Enthusiasm S9E2, The Deuce S1E5
10/9 Last Man on Earth S4E2, Handmaid’s Tale S1E3
10/10 Brooklyn 9-9 S4E3, Mary Tyler Moore S6E23
10/11 Big Mouth S1E5, Mary Tyler Moore S6E24
10/12 The Good Place S2E4
10/15 Bob’s Burgers S8E2
10/16 Great News S2E3, Jane the Virgin S4E1, Nathan for You S4E3
10/17 Last Man on Earth S4E3, Mr Robot S3E1
10/18 Brooklyn 9-9 S5E4
10/19 The Deuce S1E6, Curb Your Enthusiasm S9E3
10/20 The Good Place S2E5, Nathan for You S4E4, Great News S2E4, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S3E1–2, The Americans S5E10
10/21 Jane the Virgin S4E2, The Americans S5E11, Big Mouth S1E6
10/22 Bob’s Burgers S8E3
10/23 The Simpsons S29E4, Curb Your Enthusiasm S9E4, The Deuce S1E7
10/24 Last Man on Earth S4E4, The Americans S5E12–13
10/25 Big Mouth S1E7–8
10/26 The Good Place S2E6, Big Mouth S1E9–10, Nathan for You S4E5
10/27 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S3E3
10/28 Great News S2E5
10/29 Jane the Virgin S4E3
10/30 The Deuce S1E8, Curb Your Enthusiasm S9E5, The Simpsons S18E4, The Simpsons S19E5


11/1 At Home With Amy Sedaris S1E1, The Good Place S1E1–3
11/2 Mr Robot S3E2, The Good Place S2E7
11/3 Great News S2E6, Nathan for You S4E6, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S3E4
11/4 Mr Robot S3E3
11/5 Jane the Virgin S4E4, Bob’s Burgers S8E4, Curb Your Enthusiasm S9E6, Last Man on Earth S4E5
11/6 Mr Robot S3E4
11/7 Brooklyn 9-9 S5E5
11/8 Mr Robot S3E5
11/9 Nathan for You S4E7
11/10 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S3E5
11/11 Jane the Virgin S4E5, At Home With Amy Sedaris S1E3
11/12 Five Came Back Pt. 2, Saturday Night Live S43E5, Last Man on Earth S4E6
11/13 Taxi S5E2, Curb Your Enthusiasm S9E7, Five Came Back Pt. 3
11/14 Taxi S5E3, Brooklyn 9-9 S5E6, Big Little Lies S1E2
11/16 Mr Robot S3E6, Better Things S2E3
11/17 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S3E6
11/18 Jane the Virgin S4E6, There’s Johnny S1E1, Better Things S2E4
11/19 Bob’s Burgers S8E5, At Home with Amy Sedaris S1E4–5
11/20 Curb Your Enthusiasm S9E8
11/22 Brooklyn 9-9 S5E7, Last Man on Earth S4E7, Big Little Lies S1E3–4, Better Things S2E5
11/23 Big Little Lies S1E5–6, There’s Johnny S1E2
11/24 Better Things S2E6, Big Little Lies S1E7, Mr Robot S3E7, Search Party S2E1–2
11/25 There’s Johnny S1E3, Better Things S2E7–8
11/26 Better Things S2E9–10, There’s Johnny S1E4–5
11/27 Search Party S2E3–4
11/28 There’s Johnny S1E6–7, Mary Tyler Moore S2E3, Brooklyn 9-9 S5E8
11/29 Mary Tyler Moore S7E2


12/1 Mr Robot S3E8
12/2 Agents of Shield S5E1–2
12/3 Curb Your Enthusiasm S9E9
12/4 Last Man on Earth S4E8, Search Party S2E5–6
12/5 Frosty the Snowman
12/6 Brooklyn 9-9 S5E8
12/7 Curb Your Enthusiasm S9E10, Mary Tyler Moore S2E5–6
12/8 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S3E7
12/9 Agents of Shield S5E3, Jane the Virgin S4E7
12/10 Saturday Night Live S43E10, Mr Robot S3E9
12/12 Bob’s Burgers S8E7–8, Brooklyn 9-9 S5E9–10
12/13 Search Party S2E7
12/14 Mr Robot S3E10, Search Party S2E8
12/15 Jerrod Carmichael: 8, One Day at a Time (Netflix) S1E1
12/16 Agents of Shield S5E4
12/17 One Day at a Time (Netflix) S1E2
12/18 Search Party S2E9–10
12/19 One Day at a Time (Netflix) S1E3
12/22 One Day at a Time (Netflix) S1E4–6
12/23 Agents of Shield S5E5, One Day at a Time (Netflix) S1E7–8, Mary Tyler Moore S2E8, At Home with Amy Sedaris S1E6–7
12/24 One Day at a Time (Netflix) S1E9, Prep & Landing
12/26 Robot Chicken S9E1, Great News S2E7–8
12/27 One Day at a Time (Netflix) S1E10–11, Jim Gaffigan: Cinco
12/28 One Day at at Time (Netflix) S1E12–13
12/29 The Marvelous Mrs Maisel S1E1–3, Great News S2E9, At Home with Amy Sedaris S1E8
12/30 The Marvelous Mrs Maisel S1E4–5
12/31 The Marvelous Mrs Maisel S1E6–8, Black Mirror S4E1


  • Days with TV: 273 / days without TV: 92
  • TV shows watched: 68
  • Episodes watched: 627
  • Hours watched: 418
  • Most episodes in one day: 7 (January 1)
  • Most episodes of one show in one day: BoJack Horseman (6 on September 10)
  • Most watched show (episodes): Rick and Morty (31)
  • Most watched show (hours): Fargo (30)
  • Shows watched only once: Black Mirror, Review, Robot Chicken, Twin Peaks
  • Shows by delivery method: TiVo (38), Netflix (19), HBO Now (8), Hulu (7), Amazon Prime, Comedy Central App (1)