You have reached the website of none other than Shaun Swick, a maker of things real and digital. From here on out he promises not to speak in the third person. Assuming you keep reading, of course.

Still here? Great.

If you didn’t bother clicking on my name, you may want to know that I am a designer and developer of websites big and small. You may also want to know that my skills also extend to the physical world in the form of posters, logos, and publications.

Or you may not want to know about these things. Instead you may want to enjoy my random thoughts on Twitter. Or maybe you want to see what I have to share on Tumblr, my favorite corner of the Internet.

If still none of those things suit you, I might suggest a few other avenues for getting to know me better. Like any self-respecting modern human, I take a lot of photos on my phone with Instagram. When I’m not traipsing around with that, I use a bevy of other cameras and post the results on Flickr. On rare occasions, I upload moving pictures to Vimeo.

Beyond design, the Internet and photography, my passions are my libraries of books—which I add to a little faster than I read from—and music. On the topic of the latter, I have spent 2012 undergoing a listening project wherein I will experience all 30,000+ tracks in my collection before the year comes to a close. (It’s both more difficult and more fun than it sounds.)

That pretty much says it all, but before I go I shall leave you with one last thought. A quote from a movie (oh, did I mention I also love movies?) that seems to sum up my way of things better than I can do myself. And more succinctly than I can to boot.

"What really matters is what you like, not what you are like… Books, records, films — these things matter." — High Fidelity